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Master K’s Journey – Persistence and Tenacity

The M&S Foundation, in partnership with the Global Rainbow Foundation (GRF) and ONG Step by Step, played a vital role in providing the necessary financial support to assist in Master K’s journey towards improving his full recovery. Our collaboration resulted in the successful funding for the little boy much-needed surgery. Master K, who has been battling bilateral club feet since birth, required specialised medical care and interventions. With the financial support from the M&S Foundation, Master K received timely medical attention from Dr. Gopal, an experienced orthopedic surgeon, who initiated treatment immediately after birth in addressing the requirement for a ‘Posterior Medial Release’. This support allowed this little one to undergo critical surgeries and receive post-operative care, ensuring a path towards a healthier and more mobile life. The M&S Foundation’s commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of children like Master K, underscores our dedication to improving the well-being of our little tots.




June 12, 2020




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*Posterior Medial Release is a surgical procedure used to correct clubfoot, a congenital condition where one or both feet are twisted inward. During the surgery, an orthopaedic surgeon makes incisions on the back (posterior) and inner side (medial) of the foot, releasing tight tissues and tendons. This allows the foot to be gently repositioned to a more natural alignment. Following the procedure, the foot is typically placed in a cast to maintain the correction. It’s part of a comprehensive treatment plan for clubfoot, aiming to improve foot alignment.