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Adorable little tot – A bundle of joy who radiates vibrant energy

Meet the adorable little tot, a bundle of joy who radiates vibrant energy and brings happiness to those around him. With a playful nature and a special love for Cocomelon, he lights up every room he enters. In October 2023, Dr. Kevin Teerovengadum discovered a minor issue in the baby boy’s left kidney, with an operational capacity of less than 10%. Following the medical recommendation, a successful Left Nephrectomy was performed in November 2023. Throughout this journey, the M & S Foundation generously assisted the family, marking their second sponsorship. It is important to note that the M & S Foundation previously sponsored the family for a surgery in July 2023. As we look ahead, we remain hopeful that this little boy’s future will be filled with countless smiles, adventures and joyous milestones.

Left Nephrectomy is a surgical procedure involving the removal of the left kidney. This intervention is typically recommended when the left kidney is significantly compromised in its function or affected by certain medical conditions and removal becomes a necessary medical course of action to address the patient’s health concerns. The decision to perform a nephrectomy is based on thorough medical assessments and evaluations and it aims to improve the overall well-being of the individual undergoing the surgery.