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A mended smile reflects resilience, strength and triumph over challenges.

Anticipating the arrival of their baby, parents may undergo a profound emotional shift if the child is born with a cleft lip, impacting every facial aspect except vision. This congenital deformity poses challenges to fundamental aspects of life, such as smell, taste, speech and hearing, significantly affecting the child’s potential for a normal life.

In such circumstances, the support and guidance provided by the team of Cleft Care Mauritius through Smile Train Association becomes valuable. The reassurance offered during a meeting between the M & S Foundation and Smile Train Association stemmed from the acknowledgment that surgical interventions, carefully planned and executed, have the potential to significantly enhance the lives of our cleft stars. The M & S Foundation embarked on a financial collaboration of MUR50,000 for each patient with Cleft Care Association to discover the perfect clinic for conducting cleft surgeries.

Monthly monitoring, including pre-surgery ENT and ECG reports, is crucial for diverse cleft cases. If a heart defect is identified, the surgeon will determine the waiting period for surgery to allow for heart stabilisation. Patients should be medication-free for a week if experiencing a cold or fever. A three-months’ gap follows the initial cleft lip surgery before the palate procedure. Cleft surgeries involve the placement of tubes, incision scarsand potential dental concerns, all supported by comprehensive postoperative care from from the medical team.


On 18th of  November 2023,

The collective effort of medical expertise and compassionate collaboration took stage at Artemis Hospital. Four young stars experienced a brighter glow through the successful intervention of a Maxillofacial Surgeon. The M & S Foundation forged a partnership with the Cleft Care Mauritius Team, under the umbrella of the Smile Train Association. Together, they recognised the transformative power of surgical interventions in enhancing the lives of these cleft stars.




As part of its continuous effort to financially assist children, the M & S Foundation has embarked Miss L. as its beneficiary. Admitted at Artemis Hospital for a bone graft surgery, our cleft star entered the operation theatre at 09:30 on Saturday 18th of November 2023.

A bone graft surgery involves filling the gap in the upper jaw with bone to create a unified structure. Timely surgical intervention ensures proper support for permanent teeth, preventing chronic issues that may arise if teeth erupt before the graft.

CLEFT STAR, MASTER R. (Aged 5 months )

At just 5 months old, Master R. faced a bilateral cleft lip, a condition that occurs during the early stages of pregnancy when the baby’s lips fail to develop properly, resulting in a split on both sides of the lip. Thus, surgery was required at the earliest and same was made possible by the collaboration of the M & S Foundation with the Artemis hospital. This ensured access to the most caring medical expertise, which led to a transformative odyssey of our cleft star, Master R. and his family.

By 13:41, healthcare assistants and specialists had worked tirelessly to deliver the exceptional care to Master R. Within a few hours, Master R. was shining a little brighter!

CLEFT STAR, MISS R. (5 years old)

On that same date, Miss R. aged five years old was at the forefront of our thoughts as she bravely confronted the challenges of cleft palate surgery. Unlike cleft lip, which is physically visible at birth, cleft palate affects the inside of the baby’s mouth. Miss R., our resilient cleft star, embarked on the challenging journey of palate reconstruction supported by financial contribution of the M & S Foundation.

The clock striking 16:12 brought a profound moment of joy, announcing the success of her surgery.

CLEFT STAR, MASTER T (10 years old)

After Miss R.’s successful procedure, there were more good news for the M & S Foundation team at 16:13. Master T. had just undergone palate surgery and was now in his bed, looking forward for his palate to heal.

Following such surgery, parents have been advised to ensure the safety of the palate for the next three weeks as even minor injuries during this time can damage the repair. It’s normal to see some drainage from the child’s nose or mouth and they may also experience difficulty sleeping well for a few days after surgery until the swelling goes down.

Master T. was the last patient in a series of surgeries performed on that day, sponsored by the M & S Foundation.

Shortly following the victory of Master T, at 16:12, the team from M & S foundation was blessed with another news of a successful palate reconstruction surgery. Closing the split at the roof of the mouth of Cleft star, Master T, a new beginning was opened to his beautiful soul. Along with the other cleft stars, it was blissful to learn that he will now be able to smile at his new life.