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What We Do

At the heart of most families, a child is born and comes into this already challenging world with so much to offer. An infant is a precious gift that brings an abundance of love, happiness, laughter and joy to everyone around them.

For our children who face health challenges right from birth, their fight becomes even more arduous. Parents go above and beyond, tirelessly seeking breakthroughs and striving for a brighter future for their children. Together, we endeavor to create a world where their potential can flourish and their dreams can become a reality.

It’s not how much we give,
but how much love we put into giving

-Mother Theresa

Core Responsibility

The Foundation’s Council has the core responsibility to raise capital or seek sponsorships whereby they can then provide a new opportunity to a family or support in a physical and tangible way for the family to cater for the child’s medical needs.

Help is Our Goal

One Child at a Time

We Need Your Help

By sharing a child/ a family’s story on our website. You will be able to follow their story, their challenges and their progress.


How We Raise Capital

We have carefully selected partnerships made with persons wishing to make a difference in someone’s else life who will privately donate to the cause.